DEA Lists Kratom As Schedule I, Effectively Blocking Any Research Efforts

Alex Zielinski of ThinkProgress has published an excellent article – DEA Lists Yet Another Drug As Schedule I, Effectively Blocking Any Research Efforts. Her point that future research on kratom would become nearly impossible is a good one – and raises the question of motive. With so many citizens addicted to prescription opiates, why impede research of a plant that may offer the same pain-relieving effects – without the terrible side effects? As Zielinski notes:

Kratom, an plant native to southeast Asia, activates the same brain receptors as opioids that relieve chronic pain, but anecdotal evidence has found the plant to have fewer side effects and less addictive qualities than its prescription cousins.

When questioning motive, it’s often advised to “follow the money.” Who stands to gain by this move?┬áIt would seem obvious that sufferers of chronic pain stand to lose.

Zielinksi also noted a study by Walter Prozialeck, professor of pharmacology at Midwestern University. His statement:

With anything, there are dangers of using too much, but the amount that a person has to take in to get any severe effects is ridiculously high. After researching the literature, I found that were more positive aspects to kratom than there were negative. Additional studies are needed to explore potential benefits of kratom.

We couldn’t agree more. The DEA should reconsider its position and allow research of kratom to continue.

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