Arkansas Residents Suffer After Kratom Is Banned

The Arkansas Times published an interesting piece on the effect of a statewide ban on kratom. The ban went into effect February 1st of this year.

Lisa’s story, as told by the Arkansas Times, is tragic – and there are thousands of stories out there just like hers. It would seem legislators are completely ignorant of the impact of their votes. Those that hear these stories prior to voting don’t seem to care. Could it be that legislators need an “enemy” to ban so they can point to their actions and remind everyone how productive they’ve been?

Facts don’t lie, but partial truths do. Stories about how kratom is banned in Thailand are used to justify banning kratom, but you never hear WHY kratom was banned in Thailand. It was banned because it was cutting into opium tax revenues, by helping the population get and stay off of opium. You hear about suicides where kratom was involved, but when you look deeper you find that antidepressants were the real culprit – even though doctor prescribed. These medications have “may cause suicidal thoughts” stamped all over them.

This lunacy has got to stop. Too many people are being negatively impacted to the point of disability or even drug overdose. Our system is fundamentally broken. The only way to fix it is to remove those responsible for this war with your votes.

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