Alabama, Notorious For Its High Incarceration Rate, Has Banned Kratom

Alabama, the state with the highest per-capita incarceration rate in the United States, has banned kratom. This harms a great number of citizens that were productive members of society. Now that this legislation has passed, an obvious consequence is an even higher incarceration rate. Another is that many citizens will not be able to function normally, because their only recourse will be to take dangerous opiates with a proven track record of death and addiction. Basically, Alabama is creating criminals out of many good people who can not function when taking opiates.

Research is available from the Mississippi College of Pharmacology about kratom, and none of this was brought to the table during the process of creating and passing this legislation. This objective and scientific data is very favorable toward kratom.

It seems that incarceration is profitable enough in Alabama to be its governmental business model. Thoughtful Alabamans should speak out against such governmental ignorance and corruption. Citizens are not profit centers.

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